Courageous Young People Who Fly True

In the Dragon Courage series dragon riders have a saying, “May your dragon fly true,” but what exactly does that quote say? It’s a blessing much like a greeting or a farewell that indicates a hope that the rider or person’s dragon will fly safely. However, it’s much more than just that. The blessing also indicates a desire for the person to do what is morally good. In this day and age, it’s becoming rarer and rarer to find people, especially young people, with the moral fortitude to stand for what is right. Yet, I know there are young adults out there.<img="flytrue dragon">

Real-life Examples

So, what would a real-life example of flying true look like? The answer to this will vary from person to person, but I have a couple of examples to start with.

Invitation to a group

My youngest son is an outgoing, fun-loving guy who can talk to just about anyone but also has strong opinions about people. You can find out more about him and what it’s like to spend time with a seventh grader in this post from a couple of years ago.

Since David’s now in high school, he was allowed to join the youth group at church. Now, he’s one of the youngest members of the group and doesn’t go to school or live in the same town as most of the other kids. Yet, last week, the youth pastor commented to my husband that there’s all these new kids that keep showing up to youth group. When the youth pastor asks them how they heard about our church or the group, more often than not the reply is ‘David’. Our youth pastor began to scratch his head and then turn to the junior and seniors who are strong leaders to ask them why they aren’t inviting kids.

Conviction to wait

This past summer, my husband was the photographer for an incredible wedding. In a world of hook-ups, one night stands, and kids who date one person for a couple of weeks and then move on, this couple stood out. We had a fun photo shoot before he even asked her to marry him. As they posed for a couple shot, my husband asked them to kiss. Both of them looked him in the eye and said, no. At our shocked expression, they explained they were waiting until they said “I do”! We watched several months later as the two of them stood in a grove of myrtlewood trees with family and friends around them and said their vows, then experienced their very first kiss. It was a magical moment that few will forget.

Courage Embodied

<img="courage equation">Courage comes in many forms. For some it may be to stand up for their religious beliefs, while for others it may be taking a stand against bullying or human trafficking. I’m looking for stories of young people who display everyday courage and take a stand for what they believe is right. I’ll be sharing these stories with the hashtag flytrue. If you know of a young person who has this kind of courage, please share this link with him or her or tell his or her story. I can’t wait to here these stories. I hope these tales will inspire more courage. Until next time, may your dragon fly true.

What's your take?