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Lovely Book Giveaways for Valentine’s Day

Tuesday is Valentine’s Day! What better gift than a book, and I’ve got just the help you need. Thanks to Fellowship of Fantasy authors, these books come with a clean for all ages guarantee.


I Love Dragons

Author Lea Doue, a Fellowship of Fantasy member, has put together a giveaway for the month of February. Whether fire-breathing or water-dwelling, winged or serpentine, dragons capture our imagination and take us to fantastic new worlds. Nineteen dragon writers have gathered together to offer a collection worth sinking your teeth into. We’ve got dragons of all sizes, from friendly to fierce and everything in between.

These books are all up for a giveaway along with a dragon journal. Among them are Dragon’s Heir, some wonderful stories from H. L. Burke, and Dragon Friend by Marc Secchia (often listed among the also-boughts for the Dragon Courage series). I’ve had Ben the Dragonborn on my To-be-read list for the last two years! It’s also one of the books in the giveaway.


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Fellowship of Fantasy’s Valentine’s Day Sale

FoF Valentine Sale-FacebookAs if a giveaway wasn’t enough, the Fellowship of Fantasy authors decided to get together and do a Valentine’s Day sale! Yep, you heard me right. From today through Valentine’s Day, you’ll find great flinch-free fantasy and speculative fiction either for 99 cents or for free.

99 cent books:

Rebirth—Frank B. Luke-Amazon

Seven Deadly Tales—Frank B. Luke-Amazon

The Hidden Level—AJ Bakke-Amazon (A fun story where kids get pulled into a gaming world. Book three of the series has a dragon.)

To Save Two Worlds—AJ Bakke-Amazon (If you love cats, you’ll love this one.)

The Regency Shifter Series—KM Carroll-AmazoniTunesBarnes and Noble

Academy of Secrets—Michael Carney-Author Website

Sunbolt—Intisar Khanani-AmazonBarnes and NobleKobo

Wyndano’s Cloak—A. R. Silverberry AmazonBarnes and Noble

The Stream—A. R. Silverberry –AmazonBarnes and Noble

Rainbird—Rabia Gale-AmazonBarnes and NobleKobo

Reality Break—Jennifer Kibble-Amazon

Battle for the Throne—EJ Willis-Amazon

Nyssa Glass’s Clockwork Christmas—H. L. Burke-Amazon (I loved the one Nyssa Glass I read. I have the rest of the series on my to-be-read list.)

The True Bride and the Shoemaker—L. Palmer-Author WebsiteAmazon

Cry of the Sea—D. G. Driver-Amazon

Foxtails—Erica Laurie-Amazon

Eun Na and the Phantom—Erica Laurie-Amazon

Free books:

The Buick Eight—Frank B. Luke-Amazon

Cora and the Nurse Dragon—H. L. Burke-Amazon (A delightful tale that starts out like a classic horse story and turns into a dragon tale.)

Lands of Ash—H. L. Burke-Amazon

Prince of Alasia—Annie Douglass Lima-Amazon (I need to get this one. I love Annie Douglass Lima’s other speculative fiction series.)

Awakening—Julie C. Gilbert-Amazon

Leandra’s Enchanted Flute—Katy Huth Jones-Amazon

Mercy’s Prince—Katy Huth Jones-Amazon

Woe for a Faerie—B. Brumley-AmazoniTunesBarnes and Noble

Chasing Lady Midnight—C. L. Ragsdale-Amazon

Jin In Time Part One —Karin De Havin-AmazoniTunesBarnes and Noble

Nyssa Glass and the Caper Crisis—H. L. Burke-Amazon

Also be sure to check out the Fellowship of Fantasy Perma-Free Titles: an ever growing library of free to download fantasy titles! These titles are always free to download.

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Charming Academy tells Prince Charming’s story, while Forge takes the reader on an anime style romp through Japan as the hero fights a creature that shouldn’t exist.

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Now that you have a ton of ideas, which book are you getting for your Valentine? Which for your kid? And which for you? I think I’ll pick up Prince Charming and several more. I have a feeling my list will be bigger than my pocket book.

What's your take?