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7 Valuable Houseplants that Actually Help Heal

Houseplants filled my home as I grew up. One philodendron draped from bookshelf, to window, and across the wall. Mom had a green thumb and could grow anything! I loved the plants, but most of my endeavors to raise them ended in failure—much like the rhododendrons given to me by a boy I liked.

I placed those pretty flowers in water on a table in my room and went off to school. When I returned home, they were gone the victim of toddlers and my mom. Somehow one of her daycare children ended up with a petal in her hand or near her mouth. When mom called poison control, she discovered rhododendrons are poisonous and had to administer syrup of epicap to ten kids. At least it was a nice day; they all were able to throw up out in the back yard.

Not until my middle children were in second and third grade did I learn about really using plants. I had finally gotten to keep outside plants alive, but still couldn’t keep indoor plants living. A parent volunteer at their school helped the kids start a garden. I learned about calendula and nasturtiums from them. Once I started the journey, there was no end.

1. Calendula

We used calendula in our salads. The flower added a nice color, and the taste was gentle. However, calendula oil has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory property to it.

2. Mint

Mint grows wild and will take over the yard or field it’s in around here. It has been known for years as a tea with honey to help a sore throat. The scent can clear the sinuses. Just this last year, I learned that it also can help with headaches.

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3. Rosemary

One of the first plants that I bought and did not kill afterwards was rosemary. I bought it for its pungent smell and to use as an herb in cooking chicken or fish and making cheese and rosemary biscuits. I soon added it to plantain with mint tea to help clear the sinuses. Rosemary oil works with tea tree oil to help unclog the sinuses as well. (If you can’t tell, I have sinus issues. So, anything that helps keep them clear is of high interest to me.)

4. Lavender

One of my favorite plants, but I can’t seem to keep it alive so I’m thankful for my niece who has a ton in her backyard, is lavender. I love the smell! The aroma is soothing to me, but my niece can’t stand it. So, to each her own. Lavender tea made from the flowers is wonderful to help with upset stomach. The stalks can be thrown into lemonade for a delightful taste, but how do I use it? I mostly use the lavender oil to relax. The scent helps promote sleep. I’ve even found rubbing some of the oil on my feet at night help me drift off to sleep (not like that’s usually difficult for me to do). Lavender also is a great anti-inflammatory and will help with sinuses and headaches.

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5. Plantain

I remember playing with this weed growing up. I’d pick the grain-like stalk and pluck the little parts off, throwing them to the wind. Little did I know that this plant could help with a cold, act as a band aid, or take away the sting of a bee! It is a natural antihistamine. I’ve written a blog on how to use it to make tea.

6. Aloe vera

The one plant that I still have growing in my house that isn’t about to die is an aloe vera plant. I started it from a small start one of my kids brought home. It’s grown and spread in its basket. It’s not the healthiest it could be, but it’s still alive! The best use I’ve seen for aloe vera is to take a section of the leaf and squeeze out the juice inside for burns. I remember doing this as a kid.

7. Basil

Wait! Isn’t this an herb used for Italian dishes? That’s the one! I’ve just discovered its healing properties this week, and it’s on my to-be-purchased list as an essential oil. According to several sites it says basil can help with asthma, sinus issues, and migraines. However, I did find warnings of using it in more than food quantities.

<img="Dragon Rider Kyn">Greetings, this is Kyn. Kandi welcomed me to her site to chat with you all. I’m a trained healer, and I use my pouch of herbs to make teas and compresses and to heal minds. However, not all things found naturally are good for you. Take dragons for instance, they’re one of the most wild creatures I’ve ever seen. They can do great good, but I’ve seen them blow fire and burn a person badly. You might not have dragons in your world, but Kandi told you how her ma had younglings sick all over the yard. So, do your own research and check with your local healer.

Many of you don’t have the access to Philippi Canyon like I do, or you don’t want to go through the hassle of distilling the plants into oils. If so, Young Living’s a wonderful company that sells high quality oils. Wherever you are on the road to staying healthy, I wish you the best. May your dragon fly true!

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