It’s a Book Birth!

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I’ve waited for Dragon’s Cure to have a wider audience for ten years now. I originally wrote it at the request of my daughter, Dawnya. She wanted a story with Duskya in it. At the same time, Dawnya was fourteen years old and beginning to be interested in boys. I wanted to give her a story that would impact her thought processes and yet not preach at her or be Mom telling her what to do.

The story unfolded with the idea of a dragon rider who didn’t want to be a rider. My husband is good at asking “What if” questions. He asked what would happen if a dragon chose a rider, but the rider walked off. That inquiry created Serena, the rider who didn’t want to be a rider. To give her a realistic reason for not wanting to be a rider, I had to give her a backstory. A trust issue seemed to be the easiest. Knowing from experience that many adult survivors of childhood abuse show characteristics of needing to be in control, I chose this as the basis for Serena’s trust problem. Along with abuse often comes the problem of bitterness. I know I struggled with holding bitterness in my heart.

The two stories intertwine to create my personal favorite of the Dragon Courage series. Duskya’s daughter, Carryn, learns about growing up; while Serena struggles to find people she can trust.

Serena heads out on her own, escaping an abusive relationship, the last thing she expected was to hear voices…from a dragon.

Today, Dragon’s Cure is available. The Kindle version is on sale for $1.99 until Saturday. After that, it will be $2.99. Join me in welcoming the newest addition to the Dragon Courage series.

What's your take?