Awesome Author Events for Kandi J Wyatt

You know the scene in the Emperor’s New Groove where Yizma drinks the cat potion and is turned into a cute little kitty? Then she speaks for the first time and out comes a little squeak? What does she say? “Is that my voice? Is that my voice?” I had a similar experience Wednesday night when I sat at our public library and read from Dragon’s Revenge to an audience of fans. Yes, it was a small audience, but I had the privilege of introducing the world of Dragon Courage to four people who had never read it.

<img="Kandi J Wyatt reading at library">

I opened to chapter nine of Dragon’s Revenge and began to read of the men of the Carr. After a few pages, I found myself immersed in the land. The characters came alive in my mind. My voice adapted to their voices and accent. And that is when it happened. That Yizma moment. “Is this my book? Is this my book?” I was reading something I had written and people were hanging on my words, absorbed in the story. What a humbling experience.

It was great fun though to share the creative process of creating a story with these ladies. To say I came home on cloud nine would be putting it mildly! I was ecstatic!


What’s next? Portland, Oregon. I will be appearing at Portland’s Hidden Treasures author event at Oxford Inn & Suites on Saturday, June 25 from 11-6 pm. I’m providing a signed copy of Dragon’s Future as one of the door prizes. This is a multi-author event. I’m taking personalized, autographed key chains to give away as well.

<img="Dragon's Future key chains">

Then on July 30, I will be in Pioneer Square in Portland for the NW Book Festival. You’ll find me as well as authors S. Smith, A. J. Bakke, and Cindy Parker at booth 40. I’ll have all four of my books and lots of giveaway items. The other authors will have their books as well. If you’re in the Portland area, come check us out.

What's your take?