Dreams, expectations, and reality

Back in February when I submitted Dragon’s Future to Booktrope, I had no idea what to expect from publishing. I was excited because I knew I didn’t have to put any money into it the project, and if it made no money I was fine with that. I would have some printed books for my kids. Little did I dream of what would come about.

The reception of the book in the blogging world and online blew me away. In the first week of release, it ranked in the top 100 on Amazon. I was excited and thrilled to say the least. It has continued to pop up in the top 100 in Kindle books for children’s dragon stories two more times. Today being the most recent of those events. Not only was it in the top 100, it was two places above LRW Lee’s second Andy Smithson book! I have found Ms. Lee to be a wonderful woman who has encouraged me in my path as an author. She was the first to congratulate me on the official release of Dragon’s Future. So, to be ranked alongside her work was flabbergasting. To have Dragon’s Future nominated and accepted into the Cybils awards was even more mind-boggling.

Dragon’s Future not only was warmly welcomed out in the world, but it has been greeted with excitement in my local community. My local library had me do a book reading and signing. Both the market and library has my books for sale. The elementary school contacted me to purchase books for the school library. Parents have greeted me and chatted about the book. The amount of people who have purchased Dragon’s Future just because it is my book amazes me.

If all of this wasn’t enough, today Dragon’s Heir book two of the Dragon Courage series is available for pre-order. What path will Dragon’s Heir take? Will the message of the need to temper justice with mercy be greeted with as much acclaim as Dragon’s Future? Only time will tell.Dragon's-Heir-final-front-e-book-cover

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