Weddings, Dragon Courage, and Photography

Weddings are part of the great circle we call life.  As a man and woman join together to create a new family, another step in the cycle takes place.  Weddings bring tears, joy, and family.  It is always fun to watch as the little children parade down the aisle–or not.  Smiles come to our faces as the vows are exchanged.  Children look on wondering if they will ever be a bride or groom.  Married couples remember their own weddings.  The families who come together enjoy catching up on old times.  Photos are taken to capture the moment.

This weekend I was privileged to be the second camera to my husband’s first wedding shoot.  We watched as the family came together.  A blending of two lives and memories joined together as one.  Capturing the day was our job.  I think we accomplished our goal.

In the Dragon Courage series, only one wedding is ever discussed.  (I won’t say whose.) However, family plays an important role in the books.  We start with the twins, Ruskya and Duskya, and they learn all kinds of information about their family.  From there, each book has the main character looking for where they fit in.  Who is their family?  Sometimes, they find it in their true family; other times they find that people who are vastly different from them become like family.

I hope that you have someone to call family, someone who has your back when you need it.  Enjoy your week no matter what part of the cycle of life you find yourself on.

Cake close up
Cake close up

O'Neill wedding (2 of 2)

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